Why Choose Maple Realty?


When it comes to real estate knowledge, our team works tirelessly to make sure we are always one step ahead of the game. We attend the most current events and seminars about the local economy, regional development, and land use so that we can advise you to the very best of our ability. We read daily about local improvements, laws, and regulations to make sure that you receive the most up-to-date and relevant information out there.

With our current real estate knowledge and years of finance and investment experience, we guarantee that you will never have a question left unanswered.

Referral System

We work primarily on a referral based system, which is all about establishing trust and giving you the personal attention you deserve. That’s why here at Maple Realty, we strive to build a community of ongoing relationships – not just a list of past clients.

Because we work by referral, we spend less time prospecting and more time focusing on you and your individual needs. We don’t have to worry about promoting ourselves because providing you with excellent service and keeping you as happy as ever is our means of promotion. We are here not just to meet, but to exceed your expectations time and time again. In our view, clients aren’t only clients until closing – when you work with us, you are our clients for life!

Cutting Edge Technology

Our goal at Maple Realty is to help you achieve your goals with the greatest return and the least amount of hassle. To do this, we embrace the latest technology to ensure that your experience working with us is as seamless and efficient as possible.

Sign the forms and contracts by creating online signatures and avoid the hassles of printing, faxing and wastage of time.

With the Zip Form we use the most up to date forms to avoid any legal complications.

Who needs emails back and forth when you can use cloud technology? Securely view, organize, and share your documents with us online in a matter of seconds.

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